Create a Wedding RSVP in 2 minutes with FormBlob

11 November 2021
Wedding RSVP Landing Page

The irony of publishing this on Singles' Day (11.11). Well, if you are lucky enough to have found your soulmate and are planning your wedding instead of shopping, here’s the perfect tool for you to create and deploy a beautiful Wedding RSVP in 2 minutes with absolutely no code. Ditch the Google Forms and do your special day justice with an RSVP as stunning as your wedding gown.

Say what?

Yes, it takes all of 2 minutes to create an RSVP similar to what you see here and get your link that you can share with your guests. Just follow the 5 steps below.

5 steps to your RSVP

  1. Create an account on FormBlob.

  2. Create your form using our Wedding RSVP template. Just type “Wedding RSVP” in the Filter field on the top right. Select the Wedding RSVP template and click Create.

  3. The default Form Settings menu is automatically opened. Select your preferred font, colours and background. Background discovery is made easy with Pexels powering our image search. Search for wedding background for a good selection of backgrounds appropriate for the occasion.

Form Settings
Background Image Selection

  1. When done, click anywhere else to close the Form Settings menu. You can always open it again by clicking the gear icon next to Form Name. Now, you want to customise the landing page for your own special day. Change the information as required and get as serious or cheeky as you like with your content. If you need to add any fields, use the components on the left panel.

Edit Form
Common Components
Basic Components

  1. You’re done! Name and Save your form. Go back to your Forms page by clicking on the Back button on the top left of the left panel. Then, click the Play button icon under Actions to publish your RSVP. A dialog to inform you how to share your form pops up and you can copy the link or download the QR code to the link. Share it with your friends and family and start collecting RSVPs!
Share Form Dialog