How to embed your form in WordPress

14 September 2021
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Congratulations! You’ve completed your form and are ready to start collecting responses. You’re looking to embed the form on your WordPress site but are not sure how to begin. Here’s a quick guide to show you just how easy it is.

Step 1 – Save

Remember to save your form so you do not lose it. The save button is on the top right of the Builder page. This only saves your form and will not publish it.

Form Builder Page

Step 2 – Publish

Once saved, return to the Forms page by clicking back on the top left of the Builder page.

Form Drawer Header

The Forms page allows you to manage all your saved forms. You can then publish your form by clicking on the upward green arrow in the actions panel.

Form Actions

Step 3 – Share

On clicking the green arrow, a dialog will pop up to show how you can share your form. To embed in WordPress, you simply copy the relevant code based on the embed option you would like to adopt. Click on the yellow clipboard and the code snippet will be copied to your clipboard.

Share Form Dialog

Next, go to WordPress and create a new page or post. Add a Custom HTML and paste the code snippet you copied earlier into the Custom HTML box on WordPress. Publish the page or post and.. you’re done!

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