Set up your own free online store complete with payments, order management and push notifications in 2 minutes

1 November 2021
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COVID-19 has affected many of us badly, with countless having lost jobs and facing an uncertain future. If you happen to be affected, I’m genuinely sorry for what you’ve been through and I hope things work out well.

In Singapore, many home based businesses have sprouted during this period and I was hoping to be able to help out in some way. So I enhanced FormBlob with an order management flow and a simple store front template that helps users set up a fully functional online store complete with order management, payments and push notifications in 2 minutes.

I would like to offer the use of this platform free for all home based businesses globally. Just drop me an email at or on Telegram at @jeremy_ling with the email that you created your account with and a short description of your business and I’ll enable full access for you. If you’re wondering how the store looks like, here’s a demo store.

Here are some videos that illustrate how a store is set up on FormBlob and the order management flow.

How to set up a store on FormBlob


Managing an order on FormBlob


There may be issues with internationalisation as this was built with the Singapore home based business in mind, but if you face any issues let me know and I will do my best to help you with them as soon as I get some time.

Concluding Remarks

You may be wondering, what’s the catch? Is this really free? Yes it is. I do not intend to earn from home based businesses but I do benefit in that FormBlob’s branding reaches more people. FormBlob is a budding venture and in a way a home based business as well so I am part of your community egging you on. Let’s conquer COVID-19 together!